Defense R&D Outlook

Ad Specs

Ads must be supplied with all supporting files in the following formats:
 PDF-X1A (preferred)
 Trim size: 8 3/8” w x 10 7/8” h
 Bleed: Add* 1/8” MINIMUM to all edges *(if you are submitting a bleed ad)
 Live area: 1/4” from trim preferred

Proofs: We recommend supplying a color proof that accurately reproduces the color of the ad as it will be used for color matching on press. All proofs must be representative of the ad supplied. If copy changes are made, the proof should be marked “For Color Only.” If you cannot provide a color proof, we can produce one for you at a nominal charge. If a color accurate hard copy of the proof is not supplied, Faircount will not be liable for any color inaccuracies.