Defense R&D Outlook

For the Defense R&D Professional

Posted on 11 Jun 2018 Comments Off on For the Defense R&D Professional

With hundreds of successful titles under our belt, including many with our nation’s top federal research and development organizations; hour upon hour of interviews with defense leadership and thousands of conversations with industry and academia, we realized that a void exists; a need to be met – to provide a singular publication dedicated completely to the defense R&D community.

Introducing, Defense R&D Outlook.

Defense R&D Outlook will feature interviews with leaders from across the defense R&D spectrum, articles on innovators and innovations in program management, programs that are excelling, and facilities that are at the leading edge. Defense R&D Outlook will carry the torch for continued investment by the federal government in the defense R&D and S&T fields.

  • Examine the technology strategy for DoD
  • Highlight the critical technical warfighting challenges
  • What’s being done to deliver technology solutions faster
  • Articles on critical areas significant to professionals throughout the defense R&D sector
  • Features on the people, programs, facilities, at the leading edge of R&D and S&T